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There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.  – Federico Fellini

Pixels by Pixley Photography

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The photographer of equines and their people




Specializing in capturing the bond between horses and their people


A Variety of Custom Made Artwork 

Our work


I am an equestrian. I am a photographer.

Two simple statements that describe who I am. Much like you, I wanted a pony from the very first time I saw one. My lifetime of experiences have given me an understanding of many riding disciplines. But mostly, my own horses (and the ones in which I share a partnership today) have taught me many things that I cherish simply by being in their presence. 


They have taught me that the best moments that can be captured are those that show the bond between horses and their people. Ultimately, that is what we remember. We remember those moments where we clearly feel their love, their trust, and their faith in us a human partners. It's when our two hearts beat as one with connection.

For this reason, I focus on being the photographer of equines and their people. I understand and look for the special moments that capture your relationship. 


Fredericksburg, VA

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Cyndi Pixley is a great photographer! Easy to work with, she knows horses and she knows riders. As a photographer, she knows how to get the best out of both and capture it on film! She delivered a great portfolio for me and Simon, with great options to transfer her photos to canvas, metal, glass, etc., in almost any size you could want!

When a photographer lays on the ground and gets your kids excited on a too hot fall day, you know the results are going to be great. Cyndi too all our wishes and made them reality which is asking a lot with twin 3 year old boys and a crazy dog! We have referred others and look forward to doing it again. Her work exudes heart and emotion.

As someone who's worked with Cyndi for 6 years in a professional capacity and has been close to her work, I was truly honored to have her photograph our little girl! She was prompt, wonderful with Isabella, provided props, engaged with her the entire time, was enthusiastic and had an extremely creative and detailed eye! The final product came out beautifully! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer who will really get to know you and your family!

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