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There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.  – Federico Fellini

Dogs of Fredericksburg, we need you!


Join us as we raise money for animal charities!

10 Sessions Available

$100 session fee - 100% of session fee goes to a local animal non profit. 

Fredericksburg & Surrounding Areas

We're building a dog's guide to Fredericksburg. Help us find and document the best spots to take your pet.

Community Support

Session fees will go to the Animal Awareness & Assistance - a non profit that benefits all animals in our community. Find out more by visiting

Tails of the World Book, Volume 3

One image from each session will be included in the forthcoming book. The book is sold separately and all book proceeds are donated to an animal charity. 

About Tails of the World:

Founded by Caitlin J. McColl in 2015, the Tails of the World Collective is an international group of professional pet photographers. We are united in our mission to make a difference for pets in need and celebrate the universal love of dogs. To date, we have published over 40 books from all around the globe and have raised over $150,000 for animal charities.

Ready to join the Tails of the World: Fredericksburg?

Click below to fill out your application of interest.

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